We provide service to mining, metallurgical, construction, chemical, etc. Industries by transporting the following types of freight:

  • coal,
  • iron-ores,
  • ferrous and non-ferrous metal,
  • crushed stone;
  • industrial mineral raw materials;
  • mineral building materials (cinder, limestone, rock dust);
  • timber.


Covered wagons refer to the multi-purpose railway wagons. They are used for transporting part-load or parcel goods as well as goods that are vulnerable to the weather.

We provide services to businesses and owners of industrial goods:

  • food products,
  • building materials,
  • print media materials,
  • home appliances,
  • industrial freight,
  • other consumer goods.


We provide service to businesses and owners of petrochemical goods:

  • light petroleum products,
  • dark petroleum products,
  • viscous petroleum products,
  • bulk liquids,
  • ethanol, methanol,
  • ethanol, methanol,
  • sulfuric acids,
  • sunflower oil and other food products.


Hopper wagons are differentiated by the type of product they are used to transport:

  • GRAIN HOPPER WAGONS - grains, mixed fodder, bran,
  • CEMENT HOPPER WAGONS - cement, silica sand, etc.,
  • MINERAL HOPPER WAGONS – nitrogen and potassium fertilizers,
  • PELLET HOPPER WAGONS – wood pellets and similar goods.