Road freight is the easiest and fastest mode of transportation by land. It is characterized by simple shipment tracking as well as a cost-effective and flexible system of route and timetable planning. Throughout the journey we are keeping track of your cargo and at any moment are ready to inform you on its current location and state.

We offer:

  • conventional road transportation by the TIR CARNET procedure
  • container transportation by road
  • transportation of heavy machinery and other outsized goods
  • execution of the transportation documents and continuous control of cargo movement

Additional cargo

Kvaver Ltd. not only deals with primary shipping orders, but also organizes transportation of additional cargo. Additional Cargo is loaded into vehicles travelling empty after the primary order has been completed, thus substantially increasing the efficiency of transport use on the one hand, and helping save transportation costs on the other.

Additional cargo has all guarantees concerning quality of service and deadline compliance,in accordance with current international and domestic shipping, therefore, working with us you can be certain that your cargo will be delivered safe and sound and on schedule.